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About us

Humanitarian Logistics is an independent organization dedicated to supporting the humanitarian worker in the process of purchasing supplies and logistics in emergencies, development and reconstruction projects. 

They form a team of young professionals in foreign trade, international cooperation, logistics and other related services with passion and effort we want to be a useful tool for efficient execution of their projects fields. 

We work every day to logistics and collection process be carried out while respecting human rights, complying with the minimum within the Sphere Project and technical standards required. 

Our work focuses on maximizing the quantity and quality of aid finally reaches the ground minimizing the extra cost of intermediaries, delivery time and own speculation emergencies. If you need supplies for your project please contact us and we will gladly propose our alternatives. 

Humanitarian Logistics assists in the implementation of projects financed by major NGOs, UN agencies, governments and other stakeholders committed to the development and humanitarian aid.

Companies with which we have worked