Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Logística Humanitaria offers non-humanitarian commercial companies a direct way of approaching CSR in Latin America. When an emergency occurs in your country, your company can collaborate by offering the same specialized inputs used by humanitarian organizations. Hygiene Kits, Kitchen Kits, Mattresses, Water Purifiers, etc. . In coordination with the aid agencies and following their indications about which inputs are the priority at any given time, the private sector can provide them with the funds to buy what is really necessary or the inputs directly, channeling in a clear way how their donation. The logo of your company can go in the Kit that is being delivered to the beneficiaries, so that the support of your company is visualized to the affected community in your country. If you run your company's CSR department, do not hesitate to contact us to explore how you can help your country when there is an emergency.


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