Services to Manufacturers

Services we offer to Companies

Humanitarian Logistics is an important tool for humanitarian organizations involved in emergency response in the region.


Availability of a stock for immediate delivery is key to rapid and efficient intervention. This stock is the result of agreements signed with manufacturers of products that can be requested in the event of an emergency in the Latin American region. Having a stock in the region brings its products to its potential customers, likewise Humanitarian Logistics, being in permanent contact with the humanitarian actors present in the region informs about the products available, participates in events of the sector, and has samples.


For storage, Humanitarian Logistics has a warehouse in the Colon Free Zone for dry goods and a temperature controlled warehouse in the Davids area for storing medicines that require cold chain.


Do not hesitate to write to us if you want your product to be available in the region for fast and efficient delivery.


The services we offer are:


  • Consultancy on the demand for your product in the region

  • Space and management of its supplies in our warehouse in the Colon Free Zone, ready to be re-exported in case of being requested for the response of an emergency in the region of Latin America, Logistic facilities for immediate delivery if required.

  • Socialization of their products through different tools among the various humanitarian actors present in the region.

  • Visibility through our website

  • Follow up on the products delivered obtaining reports on their development in the field.


We work as purchasing agents for humanitarian organizations


We stock humanitarian material to provide an immediate response to any emergency in the region.


We coordinate the sending of your products where they are required